The musical landscape for Coming Up Roses is eclectic and far reaching. From the musical theater fragments that speak to Alice and Diane’s theatrical past to the 80ties and German punk rock the local adolescents idolize to Charles’ love of Wagner and to Donut Town’s easy listening hits of the period, Coming Up Roses’ musical range allows for the depth of character and frame of reference necessary for a rich 3-dimensional world.

  • A few examples of the songs and artists who fill this landscape are:

  • "Someone You Care For" by David Mansfield and Nan O'Byrne, performed by Bernadette Peters
  • “I’ve Got The Sun In The Morning” by Irving Berlin
  • “Do You Know The Way To San Jose?” by Burt Bachrach and Hal David
  • “Cosma Shiva” by Nina Hagen
  • “Angel Of The Morning” by Taylor Chip
  • “Parsifal Prelude Act I” by Richard Wagner
  • “American Society” by Eddie Joseph, Mike Patton, Matt Simon
  • “Sing Happy” by John Kander and Fred Ebb

In Coming Up Roses the height of musical experience arrives near it’s conclusion with Bernadette Peter’s gorgeous rendition of ‘Someone You Care For,’ an original song written and produced by David Mansfield and Nan O’Byrne. This song was composed specifically for Bernadette and Coming Up Roses.

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